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The name “MBA” and “ISE” as in Mbasie, represent five children (clan) of one Man, and during the colonial era, each (clan) represent five customary court areas. The five clans with its customary court that make up Mbaise are; Agbaja, Ahiara, Ekwerazu, Ezinihitte, and Oke-Uvuru.       

When we (Mbaise people) gather together, we pass kola nut (a welcome traditional nut) in the order-stated above. Nothing in our history has pointed out or shown which clan is the oldest; rather we present the kola nuts from the clan it originates to the next Clan.  If Kola Nuts originates from Oke-Uvuru, it goes to Agbaja, Ahiara, Ekwerazu, to Ezinihite, and back to Oke-Uvuru, wrote Dr. Kevin Abanaobi (an Mbaise son, who has conducted quite an extensive study about presentation of kola nuts in Mbaise Land).

Finally, we thank you for visiting our website, and we urge other Mbaise sons and daughters that live in the state of Maryland (who are not members of MAM) to join us in our efforts to bring unity, progress, and cultural awareness to our people here in the USA and to those in Mbaise.

Our Mission: To provide a forum for Igbo culture awareness for our friends and posterity, and to impact the quality and delivery of education and health care to our community in Nigeria.